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NOURISH | Monthly yoga



As we shift into the spring season, we’ll be exploring heart inspired action through movement. Movement breathes life into the seeds of our intentions, inviting our intentions to expand into the world. Meditation and movement will be a pathway to our inner strength and resilience: a reminder that it’s always here, even if we sometimes forget. The movement of our practice will transform us from one state of being into another: shifting from hibernation into an embodied sense of fresh energy from the inside out! This experience will burn away stagnancy in the body and mind so that we can step into the version of ourselves that is clear and confident. This practice will leave you feeling energized and empowered to take heart inspired action: transforming your intentions into reality. Meditation, movement, journaling, and tea with community is such a special way to feel supported on your journey. Join us!

Sunday 4/24 10-11:30am

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