Long live the folk healer.

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Our Roots

Aesthete Tea is more than a tea company; it's a community-focused, woman-owned brand that champions conscious living. We don't just offer ethically sourced herbal teas and unique blends; we're a hub for workshops, classes, and events designed to promote a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. Our offerings honor the wisdom of our ancestors, who instilled a deep respect for nature and traditional folk healing practices across African, Native American and Celtic cultures. Created as a mother-daughter venture, Aesthete Tea aims to weave ancient teachings into the fabric of modern life through high-quality herbs, teas, and community engagement. We're not just selling tea; we're fostering a movement towards mindful and ethical living.

More than just tea

Workshops & Classes

Aesthete Tea hosts and is a part of various events throughout the year. Check our Classes & Workshops page for upcoming events.

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Meet our Owner

Briana Thornton founded Aesthete Tea in 2017 in collaboration with her mother Maggie Cassidy. Briana has a background and degrees in Fine Art and Branding. Maggie has a background and degrees in Herbalist. Together they joined their passions of art and nature to create the brand you know today.

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Aesthete Tea is honored to have been featured in publications such as Vogue, Conde Nast, Vanity Fair, Huffpost, Feminist, Attn: News, Vox and so many more.

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Consious, Sustainable sourcing

We understand our impact.