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Black Tea
Caffeine Content: 5 on a scale of 0-5
Ingredients: Organic hand sorted & rolled long leaf black tea from Dibrugarh, Assam India*.
(*organic ingredients)
Supports: Antioxidant, Improves focus, Boosts heart health, Improves gut health, regulates cholesterol
Brew Info: 1tsp, 8oz H₂0, 212˚, 3 minutes
1 oz | approx 18 servings |
2 oz | approx 36 servings | 
8 oz | approx 144 servings |
16 oz | approx 288 servings |
Origin: Dibrugarh, Assam, India
*Our farm grows with locally-sourced vermicompost and is completely chemical- free.
Cultivation: Organic
Process/ Profile: Harvested and sorted by hand. Processed in Orthodox style with a hand roller. Exceptionally balanced: bright, matly, and citrus character with savory, earthy undertones. Hints of rose and raisin. Brews mid-bodied texture with soft finish and sweet aftertaste. Crafted from tea bushes planted from seed with characteristically long leaves.
Physical; Black teas flavonoids, anti-inflammatory / antioxidant compounds benefit the heart and may reduce cancer and prevent strokes. It can aid in regulating diabetes, help with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, reduce plaque and cavities, protect lungs and reduce damage after smoking exposure.

Energetic/Herblore; Tea has balanced Yin Energies. It can banish the feeling of Dampness (excessive yin syndrome in Chinese Medicine), Brings courage, Banish boredom and Stimulate the conscious mind.
Energy: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Season: Winter
Crystal: Obsidian
Colour: Black, Red