Aesthete Tea - New Space in the wake of Covid-19 GoFundMe

Aesthete Tea planned to open their new space this Fall. Construction and build out of the interior was to begin August 2020. The space is to be located in Multnomah Village of Southwest Portland. Both a sit down Teahouse and event space for wellness and educational workshops, the new space is to be an inclusive experience for the community to gather, enjoy tea and learn.

In the wake of Covid-19 our sales have gone down 75% in the month of March from February. With the Small Business Relief Packages being uncertain at this time, we are in a position of financial uncertainty. Our company does not have business loans, investors or any financial aid coming from anywhere but our sales. We are still currently operating out of our small, 160 sq ft space in Multnomah Village. This acts as our hub and small retail location. Due to Covid-19, we have been closed to customers. This, combined with the cancellation of our regular events, farmers markets and the closure of many of our stockists our sales, and therefore company are suffering. 

We are asking for help at this time to have the finances to being our build out on our new space and continue to stay on track for a Fall/Winter 2020 opening.  Due to the drastic decrease in sales, much of the funding we had to build out our new space is being used to compensate for rents, product purchases and daily operating needs.

Our vision for our new space is simple. A minimalist interior that allows the mind to be unencumbered while customers enjoy tea and herbal blends, have the ability to browse through our small lifestyle product section which offers goods from the local, POC and Queer community and hosts workshops with educational missions that promote a more healthy lifestyle. 

We want to thank all of our customers and friends for supporting us through this difficult time and we understand that it is difficult for everyone. We continue to source products, bags, boxes and everything in between as locally as we can so the money and sales you make with Aesthete Tea stays local and promotes other small businesses that provide goods for us to operate. 

We thank you with all of our heart and are entirely humbled by this experience of Covid and understand that without you, we do not exist. 

Please read below for more information on the Mission for our space, Aesthete Tea and our Collective.

Om Tat Sat.


Briana | Owner of Aesthete Tea

Mission for the Space:

Aesthete Tea & The Collective are a creative hub where tea, wellness, and social engagement meet, planned to open Fall/Winter 2020. Our holistic approach to programming will include a wide range of teas and Herbal blends, healthy foods, events, classes, and workshops, yoga, and a shop—all of which support our values in creating connections, building a sense of belonging, and supporting growth. Driven by the belief that culture shifts consciousness, our purpose is to promote cultural equity by creating a welcoming, inclusive space where joy, empathy, and change can thrive.

Aesthete Tea’s teahouse, programs, and shop are being developed through collaborations with local partners—reflecting our commitment to co-creating a place that reflects the ideas and activities that most directly affect our community. Our teahouse will include our unique selection of organic teas and herbal blends, rooted in tradition and folk healing. Aesthete Tea’ programs & workshops will reinforce a sense of community and belonging while offering a space for creativity, inspiration, reflection, healing, and cross-cultural exchange. Regular programs include herb & tea blending, yoga and meditation, sound baths, wellness workshops focusing on diet and impact, tarot readings, lectures and classes, and community tea tastings. 

A conscientious food program will provide a minimalist selection of local veggies and breads. Many vegan and gluten free options will be available. This will include:

•       Avocado Toast; ‘fancy’ PB & J; and a rotating selection of baked goods.

•       Educational opportunities for hands-on gardening and eating green + vegan will also be available via classes mentioned above and reading materials.

Our shop will feature everyday objects, genuine and functional, timeless items. The shop will highlight local and regional artisans and will feature a thoughtful selection of home accents, ceramics, textiles, stationery and books, accessories, skin- and body-care products, as well as gifts for kids and adults.

The space will act as both the Aesthete Tea Teahouse, Shop, Wellness workshop/ program center and wholesale distribution. This allows for all aspects of Aesthete Tea to be completed under one roof, providing a transparent look into the company for the customers.

Aesthete Tea
  is a Woman, QPOC owned organic loose leaf tea and herbal blend brand, based in Portland, Oregon [3530 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland Ore.] Founded by Briana Thornton in 2017, Aesthete Tea maintains a strong mission to know their farmers and source from individuals and collectives that share the same values in quality, ethics and health. Unique to Aesthete, the brand’s proprietary tea and herbal blends are created by Herbalist, Maggie Cassidy, who happens to be the Founder’s mother. 

THE COLLECTIVE by Aesthete Tea is branch of the Aesthete Tea that provides workshops/classes & household/lifestyle products that represent and promote a more conscious and less impactful way of living. 

Aesthete Tea understands that the lands and skills used to succeed in our modern world would not be possible without our ancestors and their deep respect and knowledge for nature and the process of mindful creation. Aesthete Tea + The Collective were created to embrace and share the teachings of ancient traditions through the skills and community of modern individuals rooted in the folk healing practices of a variety of cultures.

The ultimate mission of both Aesthete Tea + The Collective is to bring the ancient respect and knowledge of tea & herbs to the current world, through a minimalist brand that represents the modern human.